Top Pricing Secrets Grocery Stores Don’t Want You to Know

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Okay, the moment of reckoning is here!

Have you ever wondered why and how your resolve to now buy anything out of your shopping list falls limp when you enter the store? Or the caution that you seem to exercise over other things is thrown to the winds once you step foot inside the grocery department?

If you have thought about it but dismissed it as some stray thought, think again!

There is definitely more science than that which meets your eyes in how grocery stores are designed and stacked. The store knows the psychological tendencies of the shoppers once they are in a place where there are racks with colorful packages stacked from the floor to the ceilings.

Here are a few secrets that your grocery store would be happy that you know!

  • Look for the last digit!

If you are a regular shopper at clearance stores, then you may do good to look at the last digit of the product’s price. If the price ends with an eight, consider that the price will further go down. If the price is ending with a four, it usually means that if the product is not sold, it will be disposed of but the prices will never further reduce.

  • Bread is cheaper five days ahead of its expiration:

Stores will mark down prices of perishables like bread till the fifth day before expiration. After that, the prices remain stable till the food is disposed of.

  • Can you see two different expiration labels?

This may be a warning sign. Check the first previous expiration date and avoid foods past days to steer yourself safe of unwanted bacteria.

  • Coupons to your rescue:

Trying to combine couponing skill with the already existing sale is a feel-good factor. Some stores will double of coupons discounts on specified dates; look out intently for such offers.

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