Here’s the Best Investments for Your Woodworking

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I had never thought that I would ever be able to Woodcraft!

I am someone who is excessively impulsive and I cannot really do any kind of chore that perhaps requires patience and determination. I am surprised at the fact that I found my calling in something that is so satisfyingly creative even though it is something that needs to have a cooler temperament.

But the moment I saw the power fret tools I completely knew it owned me!

I have always looked at the creative woodwork that is on display at most garden sales and charity dos and wondered what kind of wonderful people create all of this!

There are 3D works, fractals, marquees, intarsia and lovely collages on display and even though I know I cannot buy them all, I have always wanted to learn how to make them.

The power tools that you see in my workshop now are actually not bought in one shot. Obviously, they have been acquired one by one because they are a bit on the costlier side. But let their price not stop you in your tracks; let me assure you that the following list of power fret scroll saw that I have compiled is worth every penny that you spent in acquiring it.

  1. WEN 3920 Scroll Saw with Sixteen inches blade;
  2. DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw, twenty inches blade;
  3. DREMEL MS20-01 Motorized Scroll Saw with multiple blades
  4. DELTA POWER TOOLS 40 – 694 with a 60tpi rotating twenty inches blade
  5. SKILL 3335 – 07 with predrilled slots to fit any number of blades.

A lot of people have since asked me why I recommend only such scroll tools and I tell them that they are the most ideal ones when you want to cut delicate curves in the wood. Also, the size is smaller, and the blades are finely reciprocating. Also, these machines are much quieter than their traditional counterpart and that is why it is always a pleasure to work on them!

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