DIY Clothes Tips: The Best Products Tools To Use

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With the war cry for reducing, recycle and reuse gaining momentum, many individuals have turned to upcycling – to reinvent and give a new look to old clothes instead of disposing of them. There are few tools which are indispensable for all DIY projects including upcycling old clothes and fabrics.

So, before you begin any of your DIY projects whether it is sewing a bow on a plain top or making some ornaments, the following tools must be present in your kit:

  1. Fabric sheers: You must have a pair of scissors dedicated exclusively for cutting your fabric. Using it for anything else will dull it.
  2. Measuring tape: For a clean neat finish, you must always get the measurements right.
  3. Needles and thread: For hemming and intricate sewing that cannot be done by a sewing machine.
  4. Sewing machine: If you are into heavy duty sewing then you need a big sewing machine but for most of the small DIY there are several handheld battery-operated sewing machines that will work absolutely fine.
  5. Iron: Just because your clothes are homemade does not mean you will not iron them; in fact, you must iron the fabric before you start work on it for a perfect finish. Again, there is umpteen choice in size and voltage in irons in the market. Choose according to your need and usage.
  6. Fabric pins: To hold the design in place before you sew it, you need these delightful little tools available in fancy colors.
  7. Tailor’s chalk or fabric marker: For marking the design on the fabric.
  8. Seam ripper: Mistakes happen but they can be rectified with a seam ripper which does a neat job.

Now armed with the above tools you can design your own custom patches and create a style statement that others will want to emulate and recreate.

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