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Not Pests: The Best Tips Avoiding Bed Bugs in Second-Hand Furniture

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When people do not have enough money and yet want to refurbish their house then at times the only alternative to cheap furniture is to buy some classy yet second-hand furniture. However, this may have its own pitfalls and issues as old furniture and any second-hand goods are wont to have.

The biggest problem in second-hand furniture is that of bed bugs. These remain hidden and may not lead to the spread of diseases but they do lead to some allergies and a lot of discomfort to the inhabitants of the house. People may have to resort to the help from professional insect pest control Edinburgh, in many severe cases. These bugs do not die easily and can even live without any food for a long time, for months at a time.

You can avoid the pests while buying second-hand furniture, if you are careful and inspect it before buying itself. So what are the signs that you must check for? The most significant sign is the black marks or black blemishes left by the bugs which are blood stains actually. These bugs are hidden in the joints and crevices and many times are visible to the naked eyes.

Do not trust anything you see newly upholstered as the bugs may still be lurking inside the wooden frame. Try to go to a seller who can guarantee treatment specifically targeted at bedbugs. Hard furniture with cleanable surfaces and fewer crevices are best bets for secondhand furniture. Check the paint and any surface carefully where the bugs can hide. They are smarter than we think. They can remain hidden before they can be detected. So that is one of the main tips. Avoid buying second-hand furniture from any dubious place.

These bugs multiply very fast and are hard to eradicate. So it is better to be careful before buying a secondhand piece of furniture. Go to a well-known seller or someone who can guarantee about the furniture being completely safe from bed bugs. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a piece of furniture that will need long-term treatment costing you more than the money that you saved in buying it.