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Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers: The Best Buyer Guide


Only when the outdoor toys are interesting can you hope to steer your child away from the smartphones and Xboxes and Nintendo. It is no point wasting money on toys that kids get bored with easily and quickly.

At starwalkkids we endeavor to provide you with the best possible toys for children of all age group. Read on to know how to choose outdoor toys for your toddlers.

  1. Likes and dislikes: To begin with you must know your child’s likes and dislikes; their choice of colors, their skill levels and if they like to play alone or with other kids. It is no use buying a toy in a color that the kid doesn’t like and a skill set higher than their limited capabilities- it will frustrate the child more and it will go back to the comfort of indoors and electronics.
  2. Quality: Do not compromise on quality; cheap toys are made from toxic plastics which can lead to more health problems and they will not last long. Invest in the best toys that are safe and durable because toddlers can be rough with toys.
  3. Safety: Ensure the toys are safe and cannot injure your kids in any way. For example, if you buy a bouncy castle make sure it has a protective mesh to prevent the toddler from falling off and getting hurt.
  4. The learning experience from the toy: Choose toys that will build a particular skill set. It can be motor and gross skills or it can be cognitive thinking or spatial awareness or even tingling creative Good toys make learning fun.

The other factors to consider is the cost of the toy and how much space it will occupy in your house. When you choose toys from reputed brands you are ensured of the quality of the materials used and the overall safety of the toy for your child.