Day: October 11, 2018

How To Care For A Rabbit?

Pet Care

Rabbits make a great pet and they have to be taken care in an appropriate way to give them a long, healthy and happy life. If you want your bunny to stay indoor it is essential that you first bunny proof your house inside. You can also put them in a large cage giving them enough space to hop around and should be let out of the cage at least for a few hours for an exercise. Ensure that your rabbit’s cage is not isolated from you and your family. The ideal place to put your rabbit cage is the living room. Have a look at for more information on rabbit care.

Bunny proofing your interior is very important. Cover all the open electrical outlets with plastic sleeves or flex tubing and place them 3 feet above the floor level so that they do not reach out to the wires. Rabbits have the tendency of chewing everything they can reach out to; therefore you can block certain areas like kitchen, bedrooms and bookshelves and also in the places where indoor plants are grown.

Rabbits feed on fresh hay a lot and so they have to be fed with it frequently. Baby rabbits can be fed with alfalfa which provides more protein for growth and the adult rabbits can be given grass hay or timothy hay. Feeding adult rabbits with alfalfa is not recommended as it would make them bulkier. Feeding them on a large hay tray is recommended as keeps the hay clean, dry and accessible. Simultaneously feed your rabbits with supplements like fresh vegetables, pellets rich in fiber and sufficient quantity of water. You can also grow fresh vegetables in your garden that your rabbits are fond of.

Rabbits have the habit of pooping and peeing in one place. You can take advantage of this and set up a litter box closer to the area where they feed. You can cover the bottom of the litter box with thin layer of rabbit safe paper or recycled newspaper. Putting clay or wood shavings is not recommended but you can cover with hay which helps them to feed and poop at a same time. This way you can also train them with using litter box.

Finally, you can also give your rabbit a variety of toys to attract and keep it engaged.…