10 Creative Ways to Shop Your Own Closet

Fashion Accessories

Planning to revamp your closet? Want to buy new things for your closet to make it more accommodative of the changing fashion trends? Here are a few tips:

  1. Online

Start surfing online to see what is in trend and what the famous celebrities are flaunting. Though you may not be a person who follows celebrity styles, this will eventually be what stores will stock and make alterations to.

  1. Fakes

Browse through stores, ask around and find stores that sell fakes that look as good as the originals, only then will you understand how fake version of Louis Vuitton can be so good.

  1. Layer

Layer-up your outfit in a smart manner. Wear the not so impressive ones underneath, and the branded or fancy ones on top. A cool jacket over a dress you picked up at the corner store can do the trick.

  1. Head Gear

Invest in hats to make you look classy and sophisticated. Carrying an umbrella may be practical but definitely not as stylish as a hat.

  1. Magazines

Go through fashion magazines to know what is in trend and what actually looks nice when worn on real people. choose the ones that are practical and useful.

  1. Interviews

Follow stylists and designers’ interviews to know their take on fashion. You can put together your closet with expert opinions without having to spend on one.

  1. Catalogs

Fashion catalogs showcase a number of looks. Peruse through them to identify looks that will work for you and also to mix and match what is available

  1. Social Media

Social media has become a big window to the real world. Follow stylists and fashion models to know what they are vouching for and choosing and you can take a few tips from their choices.

  1. Friend

Shop with a friend to get  a different perspective on outfits and to have different looks in your closet

  1. Try Them On

Spend some time and try out the different outfits you have in your closet. Try various combinations to create unique looks. Identify what extra pieces are required and shop only for them.

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